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Best Strategy for Progressive Slots Fans 1 year ago

Progressive Slots Jackpots

There are many gamblers around the world who prefer progressive slot machines over any other casino games. And there is nothing surprising about it. However, playing slots with progressive jackpots you should place your bets thoughtfully enough. There are basically two types of progressive slot machines- slots offering huge, life-changing jackpots that are hit like once or twice a year and slot machines with smaller jackpots that are hit much more frequently.

The key to success with progressive jackpots lies in finding the right balance between these two types of slot machines. If you stick to the slots with high volatile jackpots only, then you can spend all your life and all your money without any results at all. On the other hand, playing slots with small payouts you are depriving yourself of a chance to fulfill your dream and become rich overnight.

Thank God, practically all software providers nowadays offer progressive slot machines of both types in their assortment. For example, let’s visit any RTG online casino, for example, Uptown Aces Casino. Entering the section of progressive slots there, you will notice that it is divided into two groups. The first group includes slots with huge progressive jackpots that are triggered by a certain combination of special symbols. Among them are such popular slot machines as Jackpot Pinatas! ( $1,626,447), Aztec Millions( $1,182,070), Shopping Spree ($1,032,189) and Midlife Crisis ($1,032,189).

Microgaming went even further and offered online casino visitors progressive slot machines with multi-tiered jackpots. Playtech Marvel slots have jackpots of three levels. The largest jackpot is hit almost daily and equals $10 000, the second largest can be hit couple times every day and equals over $1000, and the smallest Marvel jackpot can be hit practically every hour and equals $100. And we cannot leave Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive slot machine without proper attention. It’s certainly is the king of all video slots with progressive jackpots. It offers three random jackpots of various amounts. The largest of them, called Mega Moolah, can be hit twice a year and offers a life-changing amount over $3 million. The second tier of Mega Moolah jackpot is called Mega Moolah Major that can be hit almost every week. Its winners can receive over $30,000. The third jackpot that is hit every couple hours equals $200 (Mega Moolah Minor) and the last one Mega Moolah Mini- is hit every once in couple rounds and offers a tiny jackpot that starts at 10 credits only. If I caught your attention and now you can't stop thinking about playing Mega Moolah progressive slot machine visit Captain Cooks Casino. Enjoy Captain Cooks exciting and trustworthy service and play stunning progressive slots!

Such slots as Mega Moolah and Marvel Series (unfortunately, not available anymore) are great because playing them you don’t have to think too much on how to plan your progressive slot experience. However, playing all other slots you should always plan how much time you should spend wagering for huge jackpots and for frequent ones. A lot will certainly depend on your bankroll and gambling purposes. If your main goal is to have as much fun as possible, then you should probably play more slots with small progressive jackpots to win more often and to use this money to make further bets. However, on the other hand, if you are really craving for some changes in your life, you should wager slots with huge jackpots. However, don’t forget about the main principle of responsible gambling! Play only within your limits and don’t try to solve your financial problems with gambling.

10 Tips To Find the Right Online Casino Website 1 year ago

Casino Painting

Casino is becoming easier to access thanks to the boost of the web. The web enables gamblers to play 24/7 wherever they may be. Because of that, there have actually been more and more online casinos. Exactly how do you understand which one is the best online casino to select? Right here are some tips to choose the best online casino.

  1. Discover away which computer program the casino is making use of to operate their casinos. Some major software providers are Cryptologic, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Boss Media, and RTG. A business company that utilizes tested computer program means that they're attempting to make a name for themselves. A computer program developed by companies is perhaps not cheap if they utilize costly software; business companies just means they're most likely serious.

  2. A great online casino should additionally provide great client solution help. They should be available whenever. They should additionally be in a position to be contacted in every way possible 24/7. They should additionally be friendly, helpful and fast to react to players troubles.

  3. Attempt to ask around for the best online casino. Why think just everything you read in their casino website? Attempt to discover away just what other users believe about their website.

  4. Discover a casino that fits your computer and web link. If you've got a sluggish link, you may possibly have a long time to download the games on the casino. If your computer elements are additionally sort of slow, it might have the impact on the pictures and gameplay. The primary explanation people play online casino for real money is to try a much better casino gaming knowledge. If your computer machine and the casino are not appropriate, why play online?

  5. Constantly look at the ToS. There will be casinos that provide bonus play, but just after some conditions are satisfied.

  6. Constantly check off the various games provided. The more games which you like, the much better. If you love playing slot machines, try searching for a casino that provides great slot game machines.

  7. Constantly think about exactly how you're going to be in a position to spend for those games. Are there simple ways to spend for them through the bank? Constantly pay in the most efficient way.

  8. Give consideration to exactly how you can be compensated. Some online casinos pay you within 24 hours, some take weeks and could even reach months. If your winnings a huge quantity, some will pay you in hesitate payment. I.e. if your winnings 15,000 USD you'll be compensated for three days. This might be because some online casinos restrict their pay to 5,000 USD per week. Therefore check their holding and procedure terms.

  9. Do more research about the online casinos. There are online casinos that are connected with land casinos. This offers them less opportunity to operate down with your cash.

  10. Follow your heart, all of the items mentioned above may be correct. But in the end, your gut will inform what is right and what isn't.

Online Roulette Tips and Strategies 2 years ago

Roulette Tips and Tricks

Roulette is a very exciting casino game, favored by thousands of live and online casino players. But it is also notorious for having a less favorable house edge compared to some other casino games. A lot of less experienced roulette player assume that roulette is merely a game of luck, but in reality, there are basic roulette strategies and tips that can give you a better chance of winning real money at roulette.

Tip #1: Don’t Bother Keeping Count

In a live casino, you may find at least one person hovering around the roulette table with a pen and paper, writing down every number that hits. The idea is that they can find a pattern, or use odds and probabilities to determine what number is most likely to hit soon. The problem is, every spin of the wheel creates a brand new, random probability of any number, 0 through 36, coming up next. If you don’t believe me, try asking the worker of the roulette table for a pen and paper. He will be more than happy to oblige!

Tip #2: Spread Your Bankroll

Be sure to place wagers that fit the size of your bankroll. If you have $500, don’t bet $100 a pop. Make sure your bankroll will last a minimum of 20 wagers, if not 40.

Tip #3: Roulette Betting System

There are various betting systems that can be applied to roulette. One of the most popular is known as the Martingale Betting System. The idea is to place an even money bet, doubling your wager every time you lose until eventually you win. You will end with a minimal profit each time this occurs. Let’s say you bet $1 and lose. Place the same bet, this time at $2, then $4, $8 etc until you win the bet. You will come out ahead $1. Start over with another $1 bet and repeat.

The only faults in this system are 1) if your bankroll runs empty before winning, and 2) if the next necessary bet exceeds the table limit.

Tip #4: Relying on Luck

The fact is, you’re only going to hit that big 35:1 payout on a single number if luck prevails. There’s no roulette strategy or tip to help you win this bet. But we can say this. If you want to be that big winner, bring only the cash you can afford to lose, and honestly don’t mind losing, and place decently sized bets based on intuition. If you lose, oh well – you knew it was likely enough to happen. If you win – woohoo! Job well done!

Tip #5: Bankroll Management

You’ve heard it before. Bankroll management is not just a roulette strategy tip, but recommended for every casino game known to man. Proper bankroll management is what keeps a casual gambler from becoming a problem gambler. Don’t bring more than you can afford to use. Spread it out enough that you will have a good time, win or lose. Never try to recover losses by spending money you can’t afford to lose. If you find yourself with a decent profit, call it quits and be happy with what you’ve got. The long you play, the more likely you are to lose it all.

Tip #6: Play Roulette Online

One final tip is to play roulette online. The game is played exactly the same, but you’ll have the option of playing American or European Roulette (always choose European!) no matter where you live. You’ll also be able to take advantage of online casino welcome bonuses. How many live casinos offer to double or triple your first chip purchase? Every online casino will!

Art Of Gambling: How to Spot the Best Online Casinos 2 years ago

Best Real Money Casinos

There are plenty of online casinos and the player really gets confused about the number and wide choice of casinos. As any other industry, the online gaming industry has some fake or rogue casinos that are'n worth playing moreover they do not provide security to the information shared by the player.

It is very important to find the best online casino before depositing money, hence the players need to spend some time and visit the casino review sites or read the comments of the previous players about the casino.

The most important thing about online gaming is to find a reputable online casino and then the formalities are simple, the casino provides a form that the players have to fill in to get registered at the casino. This registration form contains details about the players like the name, bank account number etc. all these details will be required for money transactions like deposits and withdrawals.

Some of the features of the best online casino are that it is the most reliable as well as a secure online casino. There are many online casinos, some of them are rogue but the majority of them are reliable and legitimate, but the players need to be careful in picking the casino to ensure a secure play. While signing up for a casino or playing, the simple step to make sure that the casino is genuine is to find the green padlock displayed in the status bar of the browser. This will ensure that the casino is using encryption while transmitting and receiving data.

The best online casino will have flexible payment options. Once you decide to play, make sure the casino of your choice supports your methods of payment. Some of the common payment options are credit cards Visa/MasterCard, most online casinos for real money will accept all major credit cards. Neteller is also a popular mode for monetary transaction here the player has to simply sign up for a Neteller account at to be able to send and receive money instantly. Click2Pay is an international web wallet that allows you to transfer funds instantly from several different currencies. Western Union is the most famous money transfer service can be used to transfer money to an online casino.

The best online casino also offers a wide variety of online games and also provides customer support and has a live chat facility so that you can clarify the doubts in time. So make sure the casino of your choice is actually best online by checking it based on the above criteria, and after you find the casino just sign up and start playing as only the best online casino will provide the best online gaming experience.

Different Roulette Variations Explained 2 years ago

roulette variations explained

Of all the games that you can play in casinos, roulette game is deemed to be the most popular of all games. This game is popular as it does not require any particular skill level or mental energy to just play the game. Due to the fact that the rules are uncomplicated, even a beginner can play this game in the casino. It should be kept in mind however that there are different online roulette variations that are available.

A French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the game. He had an obsession with moving devices and this gave him the inspiration to invent the game way back in the seventeenth century in France. It was only in 1842 that the number zero was added to the game by two other Frenchmen names Louis Blanc and Francois Blanc. The zero was added so that the house odds could be increased.

By the early eighteen hundreds, the game had expanded to America and it was at this stage that the double zero was introduced into the game. Again, it was implemented in order to increase the house odds. Interestingly, the earlier versions of the game had an American eagle in place of the double zeros.

It was at this time that the game spread like wildfire all over America and Europe and it became very popular. Roulette was often referred to as the King of games in the casino and it is believed that this was due to the link the game had with Monte Carlo. After all, Francois Blanc established the game at this popular gambling haven.

A legend has been told that Blaise Pascal cut a deal with Satan to obtain the secrets of the game. Rumor has it that if you combine all the numbers from 1-66 it would total 666 and this is known to be a number of the beast, which represents Satan. Not much more information is available on this subject.

You are able to play two versions of the game, one is European Roulette and the other is American. The important difference between the two versions revolves around the zero and double zero on the wheel. American Roulette has the zero and double zero and this increases the house advantage to about 5.3%.

In the European version, there is only one zero and the house odds are therefore only 2.7%. In the American version, non-value chips are used. Non-value chips means that chips that are possessed by other players have the same value which is determined at the time of purchasing the chips. In the European version, standard casino chips are used and they have different values.

European tables are bigger than their American counterparts. Croupiers use a long rake type tool to collect and dispatch losses and winnings. In the American version, this process is dealt with by hand.

Common Blackjack Mistakes 2 years ago

5 Common Blackjack Mistakes Once you've learned basic blackjack strategy you better focus on avoiding these five mistakes to win even more money at blackjack.

Taking insurance

When the dealer shows an Ace a lot of casinos will offer players insurance. Insurance pays 2 to 1 if the dealer hits 21 but it's actually one of the biggest mistakes experienced players make over and over. The house edge on taking insurance is 7.7% and that means you're losing almost $8 for every $100you put down. #

Not hitting a Soft 18 when the dealer has a 9

No one likes hitting an 18 but when the dealer shows a 9 they're gonna hit a 10 or an Ace about 28% of the time. So that's why when you have a soft 18 it's always better to hit when the dealer shows a 9. By not hitting you're giving up 8.3% edge to the casino. And remember the same rule applies when you have a soft 18 and the dealer shows 10 or an Ace.

Not doubling on soft 18 when the dealer has a 6

When the dealer shows a 6 they have a roughly 42% chance of going bust. That means when you have a soft 18 you're way better off doubling down and taking one more card. You've got a soft 18 so you can't bust. So even if you've got a low card like 5 or 6 you're still gonna win almost half the time because the dealer is so likely to bust. Every time you stand instead of doubling in this spot you're giving up 10% edge to the casino.

Not hitting 16 when a dealer has an Ace

Getting a 16 is always scary and it's true that you're going to bust most of the time. But when the dealer shows an Ace your 16 is hardly ever going to win the hand. Take a shot and give yourself a chance to either win or push by hitting. Every time you stand instead of hitting in this spot you're giving up 15% edge to the casino.

Splitting 10s when the dealer shows a 6

It's a huge mistake. Sure, splitting 10s will give you an edge over the dealer about 18% but if you stand on the 20 the edge is way bigger about 70%. That means for every $100 bet you making the spot you're giving up over $50 in equity. For more information follow this thread on

Gambling Podcast: Ep. I - Blackjack Basics 2 years ago

Listen to the first gambling-related podcast about blackjack game basics and follow-to-win strategies. I'm not that type of people who think that playing blackjack is not a big deal. Instead I'm a huge supporter of being cautios, aware and sobber. In my opinion, never sit at the blackjack table if you have no idea how to play it, when to hit, stand or split. Have a nice day! Here is the full podcast audio

Top 5 Casino Movies 2 years ago

How to spend upcoming weekend? You can go for a walk, you can get drunk, you can blow all your cash on spinning slots for real money, you can read a bokk which you read each weekend and just can't figure out how to finish it, you can go on a date (not bad, +1), or...or you can simply watch these casino-related movies. You've probably seen some of them. If no, then keep this list on the back of your mind :)

Casino, 1995 (Martin Scorsese)

Ocean's Eleven, 2011 (Steven Soderbergh)

Casino Royale, 2006 (Martin Campbell)

21, 2008 (Robert Luketic)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998 (Terry Gilliam)

Baccarat Strategy Tips 2 years ago

Vintage Gambling

Baccarat is the game of high rollers in all land-based casinos. Its name is baccarat and now this elegant and easy gambling invention is available on the Internet. The number of people, who discover baccarat for themselves and play baccarat online free or real-money versions, is increasing every day. Despite the fact that this card game is the game of chance, professional players have invented strategies, which work for both baccarat online free and baccarat real money games in land-based casinos. So, what are these strategies and tips for a successful baccarat gameplay?

Tip #1 Test as many baccarat games as possible. The free baccarat game is one of the easiest casino card games, which does not require much effort from you. However, the experience is the most valuable thing or every gambler and your frequent baccarat sessions will soon make you a pro in this game. The most important thing you can learn from your sessions and read the comments of professional baccarat players is, first of all, the right betting decisions. So, plunge yourself in playing of free baccarat games entirely.

Tip #2 Check out the reputation of an online casino. It is not a secret that an online casino, which uses disrespectful methods concerning gamblers, can easily swallow all your money. This means that if you decide to change free online baccarat games into their real money versions, you should pay attention to online casino reviews written by experts and to the fact of regularly updated payout percentages published by different casinos. It is important to start investing your money into any casino game and baccarat, in particular, registering only on reputable and checked casinos, from which you can easily receive your money wins.

Tip #3 Familiarize yourself with active casino bonus offers. Almost every online casino has attractive Welcome, Sign Up, Deposit, and other bonuses in its Promotion or Bonus sections. You should not be puzzled by all these offers and also learn all their pluses and minuses very carefully. Check whether your chosen bonus is applicable to the type of casino game you want to play and whether it fits your bankroll and gambling preferences.

Tip #4 The Tie bet is a bad choice. The number of betting options available in baccarat is the small one in comparison to other casino table and card games. There are only three bets available – the bet on the Player’s hand, on the Banker’s hand and on the Tie. The Banker’s hand has the lowest house edge of 1.06%, the Player’s hand bet is also quite beneficial with the 1.29% house edge, while the 15.75% of the Tie bet make this option quite risky for players and the one they should omit.

Tip #5 Define your playing limits. The carefully planned budget is the must for every player and for any casino game. It is highly advisable to plan your future play, create a budget for it and define a point, on which to stop. Take care of your money and emotions while playing baccarat.

Tip #6 Know when to cash out. It is a smart decision to stop the play when you lose too much, but it is also a good choice to cash your money in a due time when you are on a winning streak. Luck is a capricious lady, so cash your wins out in time.

Tip #7 Be a ruler of your budget. Define the number of games you are going to play and divide your budget among them. This step will protect you from great losses and let you organize your money well.

Follow these tips to play free baccarat and real money baccarat games in reliable online casinos and enjoy this cool game at 100%. We hope our advice will be useful for you and you will join the community of professional baccarat players in the nearest future.

How to Play Baccarat: Infographic for Dummies 2 years ago

Look what I made. The nice infographic that will help you play your first baccarat game ever. Yeah, it's not as popular as, let's say, roulette games. But it's easy to become a great fan of baccarat online. The rules are plain. Just make your bet nad watch how the winnings come into your hands.

How to Play Baccarat

Infographic source:

Sunny Scoops Slot by Thunderkick 3 years ago

Sunny Scoops Free Slot by Thunderkick

Sunny Scoops funny-looking classic slot machine by Thunderkick was released two years ago, on August 2014. Each single spin brings different ice cream scoops creating winning combos. Sunny Scoops has high-quality colorful design with fancy sound effects.

Need More Ice Cream Scoops

Obviously, Sunny Scoops classic slot machine by Thunderkick stands out from the crowd of the classic slots with boring 7s, bells, and cherries. It has 7 Yummy Bonus Games, Infinite Multiplier Strip. In case, you match the same ice cream scoops on the ice cream cone you'll make the Bonus Wheel go spinning with x2, x3, x5 and x7 multipliers. The higher you climb the multiplier ladder the more chances you get to hit free re-spins.

Thunderkick Free Casino Slots

Thunderkick company is known basically for its wide choice of good-looking free slots for fun. Yet its slots lack some features. Sunny Scoops is no exception. It doesn't have any Wild or Scatter symbols. Thunderkick develops custom bonus feature under each slot title. Well done, Thunderkick!

Learn the Science of Attraction with NetEnt 3 years ago

Attraction Free Slot by NetEnt

The Attraction slot design is fancy, just as you’d foresee from Net Entertainment. This 5-reel & 10-line video slot was released two years ago but it still deserves a special credit.

Magnet Feature and Sticky Wilds

Attraction is a lab-themed slot machine powered by world recognized NetEnt game producer. It has a quite high jackpot and a couple of custom features like Magnet Feature and Sticky Wilds. The Magnet feature appears before every single spin and re-spin. If Wild symbol appears on the same reel or row as a magnet, you'll get a re-spin with additional Sticky Wild. Sticky Wild is available only during the re-spin.

Better Gaming Experience

NetEnt is one of the world leading casino software manufacturers. It offers high-quality gaming solutions to the online casino platforms. It has a complete suite of cutting-edge online slots and casino games.

First Entry: Magicious Slot by Thunderkick Review 3 years ago

Magicious Free SLot by Thunderkick

Welcome to a magnificent magic show performed by Thunderkick, Swedish casino software manufacturer.

Learn Magic Tricks!

Magicious slot machine is a magic-themed game featurig with 5 reels and 10 pay lines. The slot has both way wins, Expanding Wilds and the Respin feature. 400 coins is the maximum payout you can get for the highest combo of magic stars symbols. The Expanding Wild replaces for all other icons on the screen. It appears on second, third, and fourth reels. It keeps the reel still and launches a respin of the rest of the reels.

Who is Alice?

Thunderkick is a casino developer established in 2012 and based in Stockholm. The company has Maltese operating license. Thunderkick company has already released 11 fantastic slot games. Each is like a cartoon, hard to resist not playing.