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Are You a Classic or Skill-Based Online Slots Player? 1 week ago

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Slots are considered one of the most popular gambling entertainment. According to statistics, about 50% of the visitors of all the world's offline and online casinos come to play just slot machines. It is not surprising that in the development of slots, manufacturers use the most advanced technologies and spend huge amounts of money on finding innovative solutions to make their products more interesting and attractive to players.

Today, online casinos can offer their users hundreds of different slot models: from classic to cutting-edge, with functional symbols and progressive jackpots, realistic 3D graphics and bonus rounds.

Nearly two decades have passed since the first online casinos began to appear on the Internet, luring users with the excitement of virtual entertainment. Over the past, relatively short period, dramatic changes have occurred in the gaming industry, which is visible even to the naked eye of a user who is not closely acquainted with the activities of online casinos.

Skill-Based online slots with extended functionality - this is what has come to replace the classic slots that were once considered the height of perfection. Skill-based slots are now working in three-dimensional mode, striking the player with the colorful and realistic gameplay and sound. The good news is that in 777 casino online you can find both the classic slots and skill-based slots. What player should choose: a classic slot or a 3D slot machine?

Classic Slots In the group of classic slots, the following positive points can be distinguished:

  • Simple rules. A simple game process that does not require time-consuming to learn the rules is as simple as possible. This allows the player, even the first to start spinning the drums, to objectively evaluate the chances of getting a win.
  • Unobtrusive design. Minimalism prevails in the design of classic devices, which, in addition to unobtrusive sound, makes the game a pleasant process.
  • Transparent game. The simplicity of the gameplay of the classical apparatus once again convinces the user of the honesty of the game, without misleading the abundance of various options.

Classic Slot Example Classic slots are a tribute to slot machines at the beginning of their existence. Since many players are nostalgic for the machines, where they just needed to pull the lever and wait for the cherished combination, manufacturers of modern online slots continue to release similar games in an online format. Of course, depending on the game, the number of reels, paylines, and other parameters may differ, but the overall theme, fruit symbols and atmosphere of the retro casino are preserved. In the majority of classic slots 3 reels, the smaller number of paylines compared to video slots and simpler bonus rounds. A vivid example of a classic slot is Amatic - Hot 27 slot.

Skill-Based Slots

Modern skill-based slots today are simply amazing. Among the advantages of three-dimensional video slot simulators:

Impressive graphic design.Unusual thematic scenes.Realistic symbols and an abundance of animated elements.

Skill-Based Slot Examples A prime example of this type of game is this slot. Max Quest - Wrath Pa Slot Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is probably one of the most popular online slots based on the skills you can find today. This revolutionary game is unique and combines the best features of a slot machine with an adrenaline video game. In the game, players go on a journey to find lost treasures in Egypt. Created by Betsoft Gaming, the adventure begins with a greeting from Professor Finnley Orgarian. Players set up their quest or game and begin the adventure as they search for lost treasure in the tombs of Egypt.

One of the first to enter this game segment was Scientific Games Corporation, which released Space Invaders, a popular video game that is still popular with the millennials. It is based on the original game and offers 60 paylines with the inclusion of several bonus games, such as free games, the Space Invaders bonus game, in which players use controls to shoot aliens to move to new levels, and then some additional features for winnings and progressive jackpots.

Therefore, after wandering through the virtual world, each player will independently make his choice and decide whether he will enjoy the simplicity of classic machines or, having studied the rules of slot machines, will go on a three-dimensional journey into the world of skill-based slots.