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A Quick Guide Into Mobile Casino Bonus 2 mos ago

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Some online casinos seemed to be catching up with the times by offering mobile casino bonuses through their mobile casinos. Although many sites have yet to catch the bug, according to Casino Classic review, a sizeable number of the big online casinos have started to offer casino gaming through mobile casinos. Since the traditional way of surfing the web through home/office computers or net cafes are now gradually being taken over by the use of latest mobile devices, it is no wonder that business entities, including online casinos, have started to offer this service to mobile customers.

Mobile casinos are online casino sites, or a part of, specifically targeted at customers using mobile devices such as iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Blackberry or normal mobile phones. When a mobile device is used to play normal online casino games which are designed with general desktop/laptop computers in mind, the amount of streaming data going back and forth between the device and the online casino server puts a strain on the mobile software/network’s capabilities. The result is that the games often got interrupted/lack smoothness, and one can’t really enjoy it. That is how the idea of making a new leaner casino software/server came about.

Mobile Casino software usually takes about 1-2 minutes to download and install depending also on the specific casino game one downloads. For most Mobile Casinos, the setting up of the Casino is the same. You fill a form on the site giving your country and mobile number. An SMS is sent to your mobile device with a link to download the software and games. Once installed, the casino software takes over and you can register, deposit/withdraw money, and play the casino games as you would normally using a desktop/laptop.

Compatibility of the Mobile Casino software with mobile devices is not a problem as the most brand of devices – including iPhones, iPad, iTouch, Blackberries and mobile phones in use today are supported.

Mobile Casino Bonus offers: There is a range of mobile casino bonus offered by Online mobile casinos. These include No Deposit Bonuses, Sign Up/New Player/Welcome Bonuses, Deposit bonuses, Loyalty bonuses etc. as in the main Casinos. Some Casinos also have special bonuses for the mobile players while most will offer the same free cash bonuses available on the normal online casino.

Requirements/Restrictions on Mobile Casino Bonuses: A sizeable chunk of the different bonuses offered by Mobile Casinos are targeted at new players/registrants. The offer of bonuses is the most effective way for Casinos to entice more customers to join their sites. This free cash awards, mind you, come with certain restrictions – conditions that have to be met before one can actually walk away with winnings just like that. The most popular seems to be what is called ‘Wagering Requirements(WR)’. The rule is that a player must bet a minimum of certain times of the bonus given and/or deposit amount before the winnings from playing with the bonus becomes free to be cashed out.

For eg., A mobile casino is giving a free sign up bonus of 200% of the first deposit amount up to a limit of $100 with a WR of ’10xB’. This means that before a player can think of cashing out his winnings from the bonus, he will have to make a minimum wager/bet of a gross total of 10 multiplied by $100 (assuming deposit amount is $100) i.e. $1000.

This type of restriction is enforced on No Deposit Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses and all types of bonuses without hardly any exception. In addition, some Casinos also require a Minimum Deposit before encashment of winnings from bonus is allowed.

Out of the players receiving the Mobile bonuses, due to the requirements, many would not be able to eventually cash out winnings. Yet anyway it is a free bonus, right? The bonuses are used by many as a way to enjoy the casino games for free. Some, very little percentage, also would be able to come away with winnings. Mobile Casino Bonus for Mobile People – Sign of the times!