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Betting Trends At Casinos And How To Deal With Them 3 mos ago

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Bingo! This is what we’re looking for: Trends in gambling! I don’t give a horse’s head if you refute a lot of my teachings but zero in on this one. It is the ability to see when a Trend is happening and having the brains to take advantage of it. Or it is the ability to see when you’re in a losing Trend and have the brains to quit.

In gambling, Trends dominate, whether they be hot or cold. Just as it’ impossible why people choose Leo Vegas casino Canada instead of the international page of most casino sites, it is equally impossible to determine why or what makes the Trends so dominant. But rather than try to explain why they happen, it’s easier to get you to look for and recognize them while they are happening, not wait for the Trend to end and cry over the fact you missed that hot streak.

My friend is a little slow on the draw. He never sees the forest until he bumps into a tree. His grasp of anything happening is always a day late. Last week in the casinos he was playing at a BJ table while I was at Craps. When I walked up to his table he was gushing all over:

“Wow, can you believe it, the dealer just broke 23 times in a row.”

I said, “Great, how much did you win?” He gave me that dumb look and even dumber reply: “Nothing, of course. I was charting the table and wanted to see how long the cold spell would last – isn’t that great: So I bought in and I’ve been playing for about an hour against her.

“So how’re you doing?” I asked. “Oh, I’m out $600 because she turned hot, but it’ll change again,” he said. I walked away, knowing him was very late getting into the game when the dealer was ice cold and later still getting out when the dealer turned hot. He never took advantage of that cold streak by the dealer – and how many of you tell me the same old war stories about not cashing in on these Trends?

By the same token, when the table goes against you, why do you buck that streak? My friend was late in getting in and later getting away from that game. These things happen at the tables, just as they do at slots. You’re gonna find Hot Slots and Cold Slots.

That’s called Trends. They occur many, many times during the course of a day. Being able to take advantage of these Trends is what I’m gonna teach you. But much, much more important, is that you become aware of when you’re in a Cold Trend and that you know when to leave a machine.