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Figuring Out Casino Bonuses For You 5 mos ago

Casino Bonuses Explained

When you first visit a new online casino, one of the first things you’re sure going to see is a fantastic welcome bonus offer, promising a lot of free cash just for signing up an account and making a deposit. Some top online casino bonuses are offered without even requiring a deposit. These are extremely enticing promotions, but it is incredibly important for the player to understand the bonus rules and wagering requirements involved.

Bonus rules and wagering requirements are attached to all casino bonuses. You’re simply not going to get something with so great no strings attached, so you have to know where to look for best casino bonuses and make sence about them. This doesn’t mean it isn’t worth taking advantage of internet casino bonuses, just that you need to be aware of how they work before you undertake one.

There are hundreds of web casinos out there, and most have a different list of bonus rules and wagering requirements associated with their promotional offers.

We can’t list them all here (not without our fingers cramping up, that is), so instead, we will describe a typical casino’s bonus rules and wagering requirements to give you a better understanding of how they work.

Common Deposit Bonus Rules

A typical set of bonus rules and wagering requirements would be something like this. We’ve defined each rule in brackets for clarity: 1. Only new players are eligible to receive the bonus. [You can't close an account and open a new one, or open a second account.] 2. Bonus only available to one member of any household. [If your spouse has an account and already got the bonus, you can't get it.] 3. Player must wager 25x the deposit + bonus amount (in the case of deposit bonuses) before requesting a withdrawal. [If you deposit $20 and get $20, you must wager $1,000 credits (20 + 20 = 40; 25 x 40 = 1,000) before withdrawing.] 4. Failure to complete wagering requirements before requesting a withdrawal will result in the forfeiture of the bonus, and all winnings derived from it. [Don't request a withdrawal before completing the wagering requirements, or you'll lose everything but your original deposit amount.] 5. Wagers on the following games will not count towards play-through of the bonus: American Roulette, European Roulette, Craps and Baccarat. [Don't play these games until you complete the bonus wagering requirements.]

Common No-Deposit Bonus Rules and Wagering Requirements

No deposit bonuses will often have high wagering requirements, such as 40x or 50x the bonus amount. They will also have a maximum cashout amount on the actual bonus (see example below). All other rules look about the same as those detailed above.

The maximum cashout on any no-deposit bonus is $200. [This means that you must complete the wagering requirements, and if you finish with a profit of $200+, you may only withdrawal, at most, $200. the rest of the bonus is forfeited. By “profit”, we mean any amount over the original bonus amount. Let's say you get a $20 bonus – you would have to complete wagering requirements with $220 or more in your account in order to withdrawal the max $200 bonus.]

Before Taking Advantage of Casino Bonuses…

All bonus rules and wagering requirements consist of the same attributes, but with variable numbers involved. Be sure to read the bonus terms and conditions before collecting on an online casino bonus.