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Get The Best Of Pokies With Your Bankroll 3 weeks ago

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If you are a regular visitor to the places like Luxury casino Canada, the most important thing in the gambling world is knowing how to manage your bankroll and it is your key to success. This doesn’t mean you should never risk or that you should count every penny you bet, it means you should try and use your money the best possible way you can so that you can be sure you’ll have the highest payout possible with the risk that’s in your comfort zone. To put it simply – it means to have a great time and try to make as much chance as possible to earn some money in the process.

Pokies are the perfect way to have fun in a casino which is one of the reasons you can find so many of them in the market. Everyone can find a theme they like and think it is interesting which adds up to that whole excitement feeling. Unlike some games, pokies don’t have special strategies that will affect the house edge but there are still some tips that can help to at least try and tip the scale your way.

Experienced players use bankroll in order to try and manipulate with potential winnings and losses in games like pokies which are pretty straightforward.

Bankroll And Strategy

The way you manage your bankroll should depend on your player status a.k.a. are you a low or high roller and how much you’re willing to risk to achieve your goal.

If you are chasing after a progressive then you need a large bankroll because the games with a progressive jackpot are usually highly volatile which means you can go days without getting any significant pay-out so you’ll need a lot of money to keep on spinning.

If you’re running on a tight bankroll then you should set your limits before you start. When you reach the limit you should simply move on to another game. Keep in mind that your odds won’t lessen if you make a few big wins.

Let’s say it this way – you are wagering $0.10 per spin in a pokie with RTP rate at 95% and the house edge of 5%, and you are making 350 spins per hour you have a theoretical chance of losing $1.75 per hour. Also, the theory says you can hit a win of $5.000 jackpot in your first hour. However, keep in mind that in order to reach 350 spins per hour you need to say goodbye to minimum $35 of your bankroll.

Try Out These Tips

Not all players are comfortable with assuming the same amount of risk and not all players have the same amount of money to spend.

This is why I picked some strategy approaches that you may find helpful. If you like to risk and are willing to gamble your whole bankroll in an attempt to hit a big pay-out you should do the following:

  • Every time you hit something to increase your bet to maximum for the next spin. If you don’t hit anything then reduce the bet by one coin. This should help you get the most of the money when you find yourself in a winning streak.
  • If you have a small bankroll and don’t want to risk it all then you should adapt your strategy a bit.
  • Increase your bet by a coin with every win and reduce by a coin with every loss. This way your money should last longer which will result in longer lasting sessions and chances to hit a big pay-out.
  • If you don’t like to make often changes in your betting range you’ll need a different approach.
  • Don’t use more than three spins so after three winning spins you can increase your bet and decrease when you make three consecutive losses.
  • Players who believe there’s no such thing as winning and losing streaks but still wish to have some control over their games should use a different strategic approach.
  • Set the number of coins to bet in the next 15 spins and make a pattern you’ll follow.
  • One of the most used patterns is 27 coins for 15 spins and goes 1-1-1-2-2-2-3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1.

The betting pattern is up to you and your bankroll.