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How To Stop Following Online Trends 1 year ago

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For some people, the pursuit of fashion and trends has replaced a sense of style and a desire to express oneself. Instead, they blindly and mindlessly copy fashion trends. In principle, there is nothing categorically negative in this decision, since this is a personal matter of these people. But if you are interested, above all, in comfort, coziness, and convenience, and not in trends, the mindless pursuit of all the super-popular can only distance you from the desired result. After all, not every fashionable solution is applicable in real life, in accordance with the realities of life in which we live. How people can stop following fashion trends?

Fashion is changeable

Should I blindly run for a changeable fashion? Is it worth paying for a promoted brand, if the very same product with a minimum of fittings and without any logos from a democratic brand is 40 times cheaper? Who desperately monitors brand trends - then he or she doesn’t know what to do with things bought in a fashionable race. Try a fascinating thing: create your own inimitable style, your own highlight, experiment, and you will avoid circulation and fashion uniforms.

Such things can be uncomfortable

Many people prefer comfortable clothes - as a rule, the most comfortable things are presented in everyday style. More original and beautiful clothes are often uncomfortable: too tight pants or a skirt, for example, emphasize a nice figure, but sometimes it’s just not possible to walk in this style.

Need to have your style

Updating a wardrobe is basically not a cheap pleasure, and fashionable things usually cost several times more than usual. Style icons at all times were those who trusted their instincts and tastes more than fashion. If you have the courage to be in the minority - go for it. If not, you can always add a detail that expresses your personality.

Saving money

Fashion is more selling than ever and non-unique. It makes no sense to lay out big money for the fact that it is becoming massive and quickly boring. If you are a gaming lover, you can spend your money in Muchbetter casinos Canada sites available rather than supposedly fashionable things.

"Fashionable" things do not suit you

Quite often it happens that the fashionable novelty does not suit your type of figure. Do not forget that the majority of fashion models that show creations of stylists and designers on the catwalks have more or less standard proportions, while the proportions of ordinary people often differ from the generally accepted ideal. It makes no sense to follow the fashion if you find that the tenth thing in a row does not meet your expectations, and it even looks ridiculous.

As you can see, there are not so few reasons to stop the following fashion. The style of each person is as individual as the person himself, and therefore there is no point adapting to the generally accepted canons of beauty. Nevertheless, it is very important to be able to choose the right clothes: it is unlikely that you will appear in an evening dress to the office or come to a formal reception in a long time off a white shirt and shabby trousers. As they say, they are met according to their clothes: other craftsmen can determine their origin, occupation and hobbies, by the way, a person dresses.