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How Truly Are Casinos Shown In Films of Ocean's Eleven & Ocean's Thirteen? 5 mos ago

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Ocean's Eleven is an American comedy, which tells about the organization of the most complex casino robbery in history. The main character wants to steal 160 million American dollars from the three most successful casinos in Las Vegas.

Ocean's Thirteen continues about the criminal adventures of Danny Ocean and his team of the most talented scammers in Las Vegas. At this time, Ocean and his friends are going to ruin online casino called “Bank”. In the course of going fraud with slot machines and shuffle machines for shuffling cards, the replacement of balls in roulette, this critical amount was half a billion dollars.

I decided to compare the existing laws on casinos, recall the main tricks that lured players into the casinos, analyze the security system and come to the conclusion how close the films are to reality. Is everything so true in films of Ocean's eleven & Ocean's thirteen? Or did the film creators and the producers added more fiction than it was necessary? Do you think the scene they pulled of would make it nowadays with numerous types of mobile gambling sites when people are actually visiting casino being at home? Or is these movies are just a nice gambler fantasy? If you are an experienced gambler and a movie lover, for sure, you will quickly be able to recognize all the tricks shown in this film.

Casino In Films Vs. Casino in Reality

Probably, every gambler and film lover is interested in how truly casinos are shown in these films. So, let’s start. In these films, much attention was paid to the online casino security system. We know that in all prestigious casinos the security system must be top notch. Any modern casino with high attendance needs the most modern technical means of video surveillance. In all the casinos shown in these films, we see the latest video tracking technology.

Another interesting fact is that the main character mentions that casinos are designed and built in the form of mazes. In fact, this is how all casinos in the world are built. The reason for this is that until the visitor reaches the exit, he will most likely play one or two games, spending a little money.

Tell us, how many windows did you notice inside the casinos in these films? If you carefully watched the movie and know the simple rules of customer distraction, then you can easily answer this question. There are no windows at all. There is a very simple explanation. Clients do not control how much time they have already spent at the roulette or poker. In addition, the onset of the dark hints that it is time to go home. For the same reason, casinos do not use clocks, so the players would not be able to check what time it is.

But on the other hand, there are moments that are quite different from a casino in films and casino in reality. During the briefing scene at the beginning of the film, Danny Ocean states that, by the law, a casino must have as much cash in its vault as it needs to cover the cost of all the chips in the game. In fact, it is a fictional law, in reality, it does not exist. In fact, there is a certain set of formulas by which the amount of casino cash is calculated, it depends on the number of gaming tables, the types of games, both the number and denomination of operating machines.

Developing a plan to rob a casino, the main hero of the film says that on weekdays the casino should have 60-70 million dollars in cash, and at the weekend 80-90 million dollars. In fact, these amounts are much smaller than it was stated in the film.

In the casino, everything is arranged in such a way that the client spends money to the maximum. Chic design, luxury, catchy signs, alcoholic beverages and the constant clinking of coins in combination with a lot of beautiful women and well-trained staff create such an atmosphere. This is the atmosphere we see in these films. Everything is very and very believable. But when it comes to small details and numbers, we see that these films have some kind of disagreement with reality. If you are a fan of online gambling and classic cinema, we advise you to watch these films and compare fiction with reality by yourself. We are sure you will like it!